Internet_of_things_bookThe rumor began at the end of the previous century: Things will connect to the Internet. Due to the long nose of innovation it took fifteen years to happen, but now a tipping point is here.

In various sizes and shapes, all kinds of startups and established names are claiming breakthroughs, ranging from off-the-shelf sensor hardware platforms such as Arduino and Libelium to giants like ibm and McKinsey. The figures concerning the impact of such intelligent things are dazzling, amounting to many thousands of billions. McKinsey estimates the market to be worth 2,700 to 6,200 billion dollars, Cisco talks about 14,400 billion. These estimates mean that this development is related to the whole economy.

SMACT will be disruptive

Social networks, Mobile platforms and apps, advanced Analytics and Big Data, the Cloud form SMAC and this new paradigm has revolutionized the information society and made many more aspects of society ready for tech-and-things. With Things, we add the T to form SMACT. A decisive breakthrough and established fact due to miniaturization, cheap sensors, smartphones in the pockets of billions of people, autonomous systems, better batteries and smart software in the Cloud. SMACT is the ongoing story of an automation that is intervening in life itself to an ever-increasing extent. THINGS, in combination with SMAC, form a new, potentially disruptive wave of innovation.

The Tipping point is now

Things: Internet of Business Opportunities deals with the THINGS tipping point. Connected things offer new opportunities to combat waste in the broadest sense of the term. This waste occurs among all parties: clients, suppliers, governmental bodies, service providers and the manufacturing industry. Applying digital things, sensors, actuators, apps and SMACT demands a certain mindset as well as concrete actions to optimize your process and event chains, and to translate surprising new opportunities into new products and services. The report by VINT offers an overview of recent developments and tips to accelerate your THINGS approach.

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