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Digital transformation starts with you

The first website was born in the early 90s. Since then, nothing much has happened. We click and navigate around in very much the same way as we have always done among texts, pictures and movie clips. Most companies work in an old structure with digital as just another channel or just another tool alongside others. Is it not enough that we sell our old products on the web and that we can share documents via the intranet?


Why do we talk so much about the digital transformation all of a sudden?

Digital transformation is not just about technology and IT. It is how you as an individual and as a company see and meet the opportunities in a world where the digital customer experience will be the first experience, and many times the only experience.

Digital transformation is about developing organizational structures and processes so that technology and IT meets the digital customer experience with superior products and services. It means new ways to develop  products and services – all the way from an idea to the presentation. Whether you want to sell things online or working with e-services.

We can rather easy-build amazing interfaces optimized for all possible devices and screen sizes. But are not the product and services initially optimized for the digital customer experience, are we forced to squeeze it into the digital interface. This will both the interface and the product suffer from and give an inferior digital customer experience.

Often we see examples of first class interfaces that lack optimization as the product or service is not developed for the digital customer experience from the beginning. Instead, it has an “analog” product or services been put into a digital interface.

The digital interfaces are becoming increasingly more standardized in the smart phone. There is not much room or time to be unique. Navigation and function go more towards the standard. That means that surprisingly good products and services is even more important. If we can focus on the digital customer experience from the begining  and not try to adapt an analogous product for the digital interface, we have come a long way.

To meet users motivations and expectations everyone in the company need to have the digital customer experience in focus. Remember that the user wants to do things with their smart phones. You can not sit and wait for the digital transformation to happen. It starts with you no matter what you do or what position you have. See how your own behavior requires good digital services in your every day life. What is a good digital customer experience for you?  What drives innovation at your workplace? Good ideas and proposals come rarely from the top. It is the width in a company that strengthens innovation. The common knowledge  and experience is unbeatable. When we gather knowledge the potential is very high.

To be able to meet new digital customer experience, most companies needs to review its entire business, its organization and its way of working and undergo a digital transformation at all levels. Innovation labs and kickbox initiative can help you get started.

Remember  that digital transformation begins with you!

This post was previously published at SogetiLabs.

Image courtesy: digiperform.com

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Christian-Forsberg_avatar_1409745628-80x80Chris Forsberg is Sogeti’s Global Digital Channels Lead Architect, and his passion is apps and the Internet of Things. He has been involved in the implementation of more than 100 apps on iOS and Android, and most with integration to back-end systems.

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