Webinar on ‘The Experience of Things’

From green screens to the Internet to smartphones and wearables, designing how people interact with technology has never been as important as it is today… or as challenging. During the session, Joo will take us through a brief history of our interaction with computing devices, emerging themes in the balance between design and technology, and why maintaining this balance will continue to stretch practitioners of both in new directions in the age of the digital enterprise.

Click here to download the presentation.

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More information:

Joo-Serk-Lee_avatar_1414764839-80x80Joo Serk Lee is a Vice President in Sogeti USA and serves as Sogeti USA’s Digital Transformation service line leader. He in an Enterprise Architect by trade and has spent much of his 15-year career partnering with clients, in sectors ranging from Marketing Services to Insurance, to craft major digital and technology transformation programs.

Joo is passionate about the smaller, faster layer of a dual speed IT organization, including systems of customer and employee engagement, Marketing, CRM, Mobility, emerging technologies (IoT) and predictive analytics – technologies that power engaging and contextual experiences.

Acerca de ITblogsogeti

Sogeti es una compañía tecnológica perteneciente al Grupo Capgemini y especialista en: Testing y Calidad de Software y Soluciones Microsoft. En Sogeti entendemos la importancia de obtener el máximo valor empresarial de sus sistemas de IT, por ello somos líderes mundiales en Testing & QA.

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